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After years of intensive research and testing, we are ecstatic to introduce the most innovative and cutting-edge digital marketing tools for Dealers. 

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    DealersGear is built on a lead generating infrastructure and dashboard. We strive on connecting you with your customers.


    Partnering up with DealersGear will give you all the Insight on each and every marketing source. “Know where to spend your money”


    With over 30 years of combined experience in Automotive, software development, and design, we put our knowledge and technology to your company’s advantage.


    With our all comprehensive dashboard, you will always be in the driver seat of your digital performance


    With our innovative technology, clean design, and industry leading support, we guarantee your success on the DealersGear platform


    Providing industry leading support is our biggest commitment to you. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to help you every step of the way

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    Don’t only get the cleanest website DESIGN in the industry, but also turn it into a lead generating machine. With our tools and knowledge we don’t only guarantee you A HIGH increase in leads but we will prove it.

    Get the most out of the fastest, and highest converting websites in the industry. The problem with websites is that they are easily glanced over because customers don’t know how to navigate them or they get distracted from the objective. Our website platform is built based on thousands of car-shopper surveys, which were conducted to study their behavior on the web, their click actions and the time they spent on sites. We can help create an easy-to-navigate website that also has a clean and custom design created with the help of our graphic experts. DealersGear website is built with all the tools, and dashboard that utilizes all current technologies and techniques to rank you higher on the web.

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    Keep your site consistent and up to date with all search engines updates and algorithm.

    With our local citations service and SEO experts, our job is to make sure you are on top of search engines when people search for your dealership, brand, or vehicles you have in inventory. With our consistent research and studies of search engines and all changes happening on the web, we will make sure you are always on top. When partnering with us the only thing you need to worry about is selling and servicing more cars, because we will make sure customers are at your lot.

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    Digital Marketing that sells cars. With all conversions measured on your website we will guarantee you results.

    After years of running our own dealerships, we wanted to bring to the market what we didn’t have. With our data driven approach to all social media and search engines channels, we will go above and beyond to find what works and what doesn’t. From our Facebook ads, to PPC management, to YouTube advertising, and utilizing our top converting website, we will make sure your sales and services are up.

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    Why Car Dealership Digital Marketing Is Important Nowadays

    Digital marketing includes networks such as websites, email, social media and mobile. Not only does digital marketing generate more revenue per car sold, it also costs a lot less. This is not to say that traditional media has to be left behind. It certainly has its place, but dealers must move away from using traditional advertising channels alone and start implementing more digital targeting options.

            As consumers become more digitally knowledgeable, they expect to be served through digital channels. By not targeting these consumers in the way they expect to be achieved, dealers are losing out to an entire target audience of online car consumers. A technique for digital marketing your car dealership would be making use of OEM Promotional material. Don't forget to make use of the digital promotional material offered by the brand itself. Your OEM marketing login comes with a lot of content that can be used to customize your car dealer's website. Additionally, implementing digital marketing head also into your online car dealership is another useful way of using digital media. Initially, the designated person should be responsible for your dealership's digital marketing activities. One person in charge is better than “too many cooks spoil the broth.” Later on, this person can train your sales staff to use digital marketing tools. Using auto dealer marketing is big in this day and age. When growing your auto dealer it’s important to start automotive digital marketing.

                  A clever way of marketing your auto dealer service is through social media services. You're supposed to have a strong presence on social media. Somebody just bought a car from you! Make this a small celebration. Encourage them to take a selfie with their new car and use the personalized hashtag of your dealership. You've just got yourself an audience without spending a lot of dollars Of course, you should also ask for permission to post your selfie on your social media platforms and devote some advertising revenue to promoting social media deals. Approximately 1.6 million users are active on Facebook alone.

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    Why Car Dealership BDC Training Is an Important Factor In Your Dealership’s Success!

    Business Development Centers (BDCs) are a good way to improve the process and customer satisfaction for any dealership. Many dealers build BDCs just for a short time to see them fail. In general, this is because of poor performance, incorrect hiring and the disconnect between Showroom and BDC centers. There is a large proportion of automotive business development centers out there which add no value to their customers. They will not be missed if the plug was pulled today. However, the automotive BDC center could add revenue to the bottom line for the dealers that get it right. Automotive BDCs are the best way to improve processes and customer satisfaction ratings for every dealership. If the right BDC structure is not built, the process will result in inconsistency and inaccuracy which will cause lower customer satisfaction index(CSI). While managing your car dealership BDC it is important for the individual managing your automotive BDC should have a dominating, leadership-like personality attribute. It is a must for this individual to have a personality of leadership. An individual who can effectively communicate and organize the group. One common mistake that is usually made is placing a salesperson into the BDC manager role.

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    Craigslist Posting For Auto Dealers

    Some franchise store used car managers or UCMs don't like to admit it, but in fact, a lot of used car sales can be attributed to shoppers on local classified sites like Craigslist. Most of these shoppers, sometimes referred to as "bottom feeders," are looking for cheap used cars locally, but often these used or pre-owned dealers turn into new car sales, leases, cash purchases and/or finance deals. I say, what's the difference? Sales are sales, leads are leads. What difference does it make where they're coming from? Craigslist is an online marketplace for used cars and your dealership can move a lot of inventory just by being there. The catch is, you've got to have lists that are highly visible to Craigslist users and Craigslist algorithms are challenging that. The top rankings are not simply determined by the date of posting, but by a much more complex set of ranking factors. With DealersGear you can ensure that your posts are always highly ranked without any headache or hassle!

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    SEO For Auto Dealers

    Getting any local businesses to rank high on Google is becoming increasingly more difficult, but one of the most competitive and complex industries of local SEO is car dealership. Nowadays, car shoppers do a lot of their research online before they even enter a dealership showroom. (And many people don't even know what kind of car they want when they start searching.) According to Google, the average car shopper only visits two dealerships when they're looking for a new vehicle. This means that it is even more important than ever for car dealerships to rank higher on local search results.

  • DealersGear Provides The Most Innovative Technology For Auto Dealerships.
    The Industry's Fastest Responsive Automotive Websites, Automotive SEO, Digital Marketing, and Posting Tools for Craigslist and Facebook.
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