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Automotive BDC (Business Development Centers) are the best way for any dealership to improve process and customer satisfaction ratings. Failing to build the right BDC structure causes inconsistency and inaccuracy in the process that can lead to lower customer ratings. Poor execution, improper hiring choices, and the disconnect between the showroom staff and the BDC can all contribute to these lower ratings and customer engagements.

When structuring a BDC in your Dealership there
are few questions you need to ask

1 - What would you like your Automotive BDC to accomplish?

    • Inbound
    • Sales calls
    • Operator Functions
    • Internet Lead Response
    • Out Bond Calling
    • Sold
    • UnSold
    • Marketing & lead generation
    • Social media
    • Reputation management

It’s best to start off small and grow slowly, master one component and then move to another one. Going for all at once can result in mismanagement and create a distraction for the you and the team.

2-Who is going to manage our Automotive BDC?

It’s a given for this individual to have a leadership personality. An individual that can communicate effectively and structure the process for the team. One common mistake is fitting a salesperson into automotive BDC manager.

Candidates with previous call center experience will adapt to the automotive industry a lot faster than a salesperson would to the call center environment.

3-Where am I going to find the right people to staff the BDC?

Utilize free services such as Craigslist and posting on Facebook to get you started. You want to look for candidates who have had call center experience, preferably in selling. When interviewing these individuals, challenge the candidate with real-life situations and study their reactions. If they can’t handle the questions, they certainly won’t be able to handle those from customers.
Personality is the most important key in a call center agent. Look for those who can break the ice and start a conversation naturally, as those are the ones that can help your customers over the phone.

It’s good to send each candidate home with a script and inform them that any subsequent interviews will utilize that script. If they come back ready and have studied the script , they’re a potential candidate. This will also eliminate the short term employees and increase your retention rate. Lastly, look for left brained characteristics as they make the best call center agents. You could also conduct a personality test as part of your hiring process.

How we can help.

Whether it’s relaunching your current BDC or building a new one, DealersGear is here to help with BDC training, recruitment and implementation. So, go ahead and Contact us so that we can develop a scope of work to ensure the proper launch of your BDC. We promise not to leave you spinning.

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