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Benefits of Digital Marketing For Car Dealerships


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Digital marketing is an incredible thing that has ever happened in this world for many businesses out there. It has brought out the best in the businesses, and they have started getting a lot of attention from their customers. Many businesses have started earning 2x more than their normal earnings. Digital marketing takes up your online presence to the next level, and this is how you tap many customers. 


Speaking of sales, many car dealerships have adopted digital marketing, and since then, they have gained their profit scale per vehicle. If you are that person who owns a car dealership or someone who wants to know more about digital marketing for car dealerships, then you have come to the right place. 

Digital Marketing for Car Dealerships:

Many studies have shown digital marketing has been an ideal way to make profits 2x of any car dealership. This is way better than any other traditional marketing channel. Digital marketing comes with different channels in it. There can be websites, emails, social media platforms, and mobile. Not only does digital marketing bring you a good sum of revenue per car sold, but it’s pretty cost-effective. 


Some of the car dealerships have said that if it costs 150 dollars for digital marketing, the same thing would be 1500 dollars for traditional media. It clearly shows that traditional marketing channels take 10x more than digital marketing. We aren’t saying that traditional media is not in use now. It has its own place, but car dealerships have to up their game now. They have to move from traditional advertising channels and adopt the digital marketing option for their business.


As we know that many people are always on their phones or computers, so they are always expecting local businesses to cater to them on digital platforms. Some studies tell that around 67% of the buyer’s journey is completed through digital platforms. These consumers use digital channels for their research purposes and then decide which dealership will be suitable for them to visit. However, you have to make sure that you are playing your part and making sure that you are a part of this research. 


To be in these search results, you have to put these digital strategies into consideration so that you can be in the search options of the customers.


Many reports and research that have been done so far have revealed that around 30% of consumers go to search engines whenever they are planning to buy a car. Whenever they start to process this in their minds, these users start to search for stuff on search engines. A dealership with its online presence will be a huge factor and will play a part in being successful if someone is purchasing a car. Strong strategies of SEO will make sure that all the car buyers will find their way to your dealership in the search engine results.


To make this successful, you need a comprehensive SEO strategy implemented. It should include your website, keyword optimization, PPC campaigns, link building, online reputation management, and quality content. 

Online Reviews:

Reviews matter a lot, especially if you have an online business, and it plays an important role in your reputation. Whenever customers search for your business, there’s a huge percentage of car buyers who check online review sites before whenever they make a purchase. There’s a huge sum of car buyers who rely on the online reviews of car dealerships. This is the reason they will choose to go to that car dealership that has good online reviews. 


In addition to this, some of these individuals consider it the most helpful when it comes to their decisions. So if you are an owner of a car dealership, be sure you are monitoring all types of online reviews. Respond to the negative reviews in a constructive manner and keep encouraging your customers to let them leave reviews about their experience with you. 

Mobile Friendly:

It’s the era of ‘Mobile-Friendly’ in everything in this world. Your website, content, and marketing messages should all be optimized very well for the mobile version. Most consumers are using mobile phones all the time, and all they have in their hands is a smartphone. Some of them might be searching for stuff from a laptop. However, you need to keep in mind that there’s research that has shown that 63% of purchasers use mobile for searching for car dealerships.


These numbers show that a large number of customers rely on mobile, not just for research purposes, but also to make their final decision for what they need to purchase and from where.


If we are picking up our mobiles for searching and everything, then how can one miss the emails that pop out on the notification bar in your smartphone? Everybody in today’s world always keeps a check on their emails. It is because they find discounts, offers, and other stuff on their smartphone. Email marketing has been a highly effective channel for many businesses out there, which includes dealerships. 


Personalization is key to creating emails that will be helpful in conversions. Research showed that 35% of car buyers want emails that are tailored to their interests. Meanwhile, 28% of the individuals would click on an email from a dealership that includes info related to style, color, and model.

Social Media:

As we mentioned above about checking mobile phones and emails on a daily basis, then social media deserves a place in digital strategies. Everybody out there opens their social media on a daily basis. Some individuals would always ask about a vehicle if they are interested in purchasing one. Facebook is a famous platform for car owners, and you will find most automotive shoppers on this platform. 


Social media marketing plays an important role in the automotive industry as it connects you with car sellers or car buyers. You can find car dealerships on it and get the car as per your needs. You can ask about it to other people and engage with people who have experienced the car dealership. 

Final Thoughts:

For car dealerships who want to double up their profits and revenue and get maximum reach to their customers, you can consider digital marketing for your car dealerships. We are sure that you will be reaching new heights.


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