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DealersGear Announces Launch of New Automotive CRM, DealersGear CRM.


DealersGear/DealersGear Announces Launch of New Automotive CRM, DealersGear CRM.

Irvine, CA, March 26, 2021 - DealersGear, a rapidly growing SaaS provider to the automotive industry, announced today that it has released a new automotive Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software for automotive dealers. 

DealersGear CRM is the newest technology from DealersGear which currently provides dealers with custom non-templated websites, inventory syndication/posting tools, an all-in-one marketing dashboard and advertising automation tools.

In designing DealersGear CRM, DealersGear has taken the unique perspectives and frustrations of car dealers, Salespeople, management, digital marketers, and dealership consultants around existing CRMs, and resolved those issues with the newest and most advanced digital technologies.

Hunter Swift, who recently joined DealersGear as their CEO, and was brought on to help build and launch DealersGear CRM said, “Dealers have consistently experienced challenges with their CRM. We listened to the complaints dealers have of their CRM, and built an intuitive, easy to use CRM that is proactive versus reactive. A tool of value versus frustration. A dealer can use it to generate their own leads versus relying on 3rd party leads. A CRM that won't go down at the end of the month. A tool to keep managers accountable not just salespeople.”

Unique features to DealersGear CRM includes new activity and engagement tracking, new manager tasks, a data export tool to create custom marketing audiences, a new easy to use drag and drop email editor, updated reporting, a reinvented mobile CRM, and a new logic and machine learning automated marketing campaigns, and more.

A successful CRM isn’t just about accountability, it’s also about usability, and effectiveness,” said Jamil Ashkar, DealersGear Founder & CTO, “In a lot of ways social media has made us better friends, we remember birthdays because we get reminders, and we constantly see what our friends are doing and thinking about, which allows us to respond. DealersGear CRM is a similar leap forward in the automotive space, we are helping Salespeople be the best version of themselves through technology, and we’re doing it in a way that allows for easy adoption.”

Adding CRM to DealersGear’s suite of products seamlessly bridges the gaps between the customer shopping experience and the car buying process, and is the next logical step in their growth within the automotive space.The tools, and the CRM are a clear fusion of the experiences of people who know marketing, technology, and most importantly, how to sell cars.

Sign up to see a personalized CRM demonstration with CEO Hunter Swift here: DealersGear CRM Demo

About DealersGear:
Based in Southern California, DealersGear is an all-in-one marketing solution that was built by dealers for dealers. DealersGear softwares enables dealers to manage their digital presence, manage their inventory, and manage their websites from one integrated platform. DealersGear’s software platform and services include multimedia management, inventory management, intelligent auto dealership websites, inventory syndication tool that posts directly to Craigslist, Facebook, and Google My Business, Automated Ad Management, and CRM. For more information visit

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