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How Automotive SEO Can Benefit Your Dealership: Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Site's Rankings


DealersGear/How Automotive SEO Can Benefit Your Dealership: Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Site's Rankings

How automotive SEO can benefit your dealership

As a dealer you might be wondering what SEO is, what it means, and how you can use it to better your business. By understanding the basics of the process and implementing it at your dealership, you will increase the chance of your website getting more traffic and driving potential customers to you. In addition, you'll likely increase your site's ranking in search engines. Let's break down the fundamentals of SEO to better understand how it works. How Is SEO Useful? If you didn't already know, Google, the world's largest search engine, has created different rankings based on how people in various categories find relevant information on the web. When people find relevant information on a particular topic on the web, they will likely click through to your website and take a closer look.

Automotive SEO can help you be where your customers are

We all want to know where our customers are. Some of us know exactly where they are, like at work or school, while others are visiting a store or event and could theoretically give you a good idea of where they are. However, when the very people you're trying to reach don't share their location with you, that information is useless. Although there are many businesses that do employ social media tools to track their customers, some of them fail to realize that their customers are also using mobile devices. What this means is that when it comes to automating SEO, you need to ensure that you are location aware. You need to ensure that your website has an extensive search function and that it uses the latest keyword research tools.

Optimize your website with customer intent in mind

The idea that Google has recognized that its organic algorithm was not really optimized for dealer websites but for shopping malls is newsworthy. It may be true that when it comes to most aspects of online marketing, most car dealerships are doing just fine. But is it actually true that they are getting more visitors because of the traffic they send to Google? The answer is, probably not. The natural search engine results pages (SERPs) that results show for many products, including vehicles, are cluttered and not very useful for most consumers. And, it doesn't help that when a consumer enters a search query on Google, he is forced to look through about eight SERPs to find what he wants.

Improve your performance with organic links

Keyword inclusion and remarketing are two of the ways that you can help improve your Automotive SEO performance and help rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages). On your website, include the relevant keywords that you can afford to have on there, include the correct variations for each, and note the sections that are most-visited. If you own a motorcycle shop, make sure to include terms like motorcycles, motorcycles accessories, motorcycle sales, and motorcycle tuning. You should also make sure you are including the proper site architecture that will allow proper SEO (search engine optimization) to take place. Focus on what your audience is searching for and include these words on your site. If you sell music, include information on downloading songs, streaming, and more.

Create and update content on the regular

You are competing with a lot of other businesses out there. The web is crowded with content these days. You should always strive to put your content in a position to generate the highest conversion rate. This means that you should always be looking for ways to constantly create and update your content as often as possible. Keep up to date with the search engine Many businesses fail to make the best use of their automotive SEO which is why they will not be able to get a high ranking in the search engines. This is because it will not be what is currently out there. The main focus should be on what is currently working for other businesses. Find out what people are looking for One of the most important things to focus on is what people are actually searching for. What is it that they want to search for?

Be strategic about social media

There are two easy ways to improve your chances of having your site show up higher on the search engines: share your content across the social media platforms, and create relevant content. While using multiple platforms is a great way to spread your name, content and unique marketing strategies are needed to be competitive in the market today. You should get familiar with automotive SEO and the strategies that go along with it. Once you know how to properly use it, social media can be the gateway to your website. Using social media outlets can improve your business by providing you with constant customer feedback, which helps you keep up to date with what the latest trends are and what is trending.

Keep site speed in check

Google announced earlier in 2017 that it would start penalizing pages that take a very long time to load. You want your site to load as fast as it can and improve your ranking. A quick way to speed up your site is to have the file sizes of all your images and scripts reduced and use a CDN for static content instead of using a static server. Optimizing images that don't work properly can slow down your site and deter visitors from wanting to come back. It is vital to make sure your images and video are properly optimized for speed and performance to ensure smooth navigation for your customers.

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