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Why Should Car Dealers Use Spotify for Advertising?


DealersGear/Why Should Car Dealers Use Spotify for Advertising?

Honda, Ford, Volvo, Mazda, Hyundai, Mini, and VW all have this one pyramid selling in their pocket. But the most important thing is that Big Corporations are not alone; any local car or bike shop owners do it too. Spotify is a powerful advertising channel with 456 million users in over 180 markets worldwide. This level of reach and engagement is the main reason why auto dealers should choose Spotify digital ads. In fact,  52% of listeners who hear or see auto ads on this platform are more likely to purchase the new vehicle being elevated. Millennial and Gen Z Spotify free listeners are not just devoting their time at the helm. They also spend more hours exploring their next auto purchase, and digital ads are along for the ride. Here is how big auto companies and local dealers can make the best through this virtual branding.

Less time For Advertising:

One of the Spotify officials revealed that the ads on Spotify only serve one single 30-sec spot every fifteen minutes or so, which means it takes better user focus. As longer ads tend to annoy the viewers and the subject of the ad becomes lost. Preparing ads for a small but more responsive will outperform a larger uninterested audience. Spotify users stream an average of 2.5 hours per day across the same area where the auto-buying journey occurs. So, creating an ad with short exposure is vital to make your business step ahead of the competition.

Tap into a New High-Intent Audience Podcast listeners:

Podcast listeners are one of the dreams of auto brands because of learning unique things. One in three observed Spotify podcast listeners plans to purchase or lease a new vehicle next year. People trust ads if they hear them during a podcast, and users are often primed to act. 81% of listeners say they take action due to listening to a podcast ad. That's why podcast ads are a top choice to take your auto marketing to the next level. Spotify is making it easier than ever for companies of all sizes, from global to local dealers, to get started with podcast ads.

Trying Out Some New Creativity To Reach a Wider Audience:

Spotify offers auto advertisers more creative ways to connect with their targeted audience. It allows users the flair of 30 minutes of ad-free music in a sponsored session. Multi-format campaigns show a 2.2X greater increase in brand awareness than video ads alone and attract more users.

Give Your Intended Users Some Spice Up:

Spotify ads help advertisers reach the audience at the right moment and the right location. That makes a more effective campaign for the car dealers. Studies show Spotify users are more likely to recall an ad if it sees the ad as suitable according to their choices. 75% of Spotify listeners recall ads more when ads recognize their moment or setting because of its unique algorithm approach. This makes it possible for car dealers to run their ads in a cost-effective way, as they don't need a Mercedes Benz-sized budget to run a Mercedes Benz quality digital marketing campaign. Everyone can start their promotion to grasp consumers' attention, whether a local auto buyer or the company CEO, and win over the next generation of consumers.

Capture People's Attention In A Quick Way:

Social media is not the single option for car dealers to advertise their business. There are many exciting and innovative ideas that capture users' choices and verdicts. People can browse various places online to enjoy their favorite content or music. Fortunately, Spotify is one of the online forums in mid-2021 that hit a large number of subscribers compared to other music streaming services across the globe, amounting to nearly 524 million. The platform allows free subscribers reaching 240 million earlier in 2022. These vast free followers are key because those who opt for a premium subscription don't see or hear ads during the music. Free listeners earn 30 minutes of uninterrupted music time when they listen to or watch regular ads. This strong tactic offers opportunities to a variety of businesses to find their success irrespective of consumer's background.

Targeting and Segmentation are Going Better With Spotify:

Spotify offers reliable target marketing and selection to serve ads relevant to the listener. Gender, age, geographic targeting, genre of music, and playlist are only a few parameters that are controlled on Spotify. The brand concept allows car dealers to take into account Spotify geographics, behavioral and segmentation data. This will give you better insights to target your audience more accurately. Spotify consumers are the largest in Europe, with 66 million users in Europe vs. 48 million in the US, 33 million in Latin America, and 18 million in the rest of the world, which provides diverse consumer exposure for car dealers. It also helps auto business owners check out the stats of users who spent much time on the online music forum and their age group. This versatile segmentation overtook the Apple podcast and moved to second place with 28.5 listeners, a great channel to advertise your product. 

Getting Some Experts Help:

It can be beneficial to seek professional help if you're looking to promote your car dealership on Spotify. You can create targeted ads and reach potential customers who are interested in buying a car by working with a marketing expert. This advertising platform can target listeners based on their music preferences, location, and other demographic details. Then expert services can help increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to your dealership. Investing in specialist marketing services can be a smart choice for any car dealership to boost its visibility on Spotify.

Final Thoughts:

So if you are searching to rev up your marketing game? DealersGear is here to make your car dealership business reach new heights. Our Spotify advertising services can help you horizon a wider audience and showcase your inventory to potential buyers. With customized ad leads and high-quality audio ads, you can drive more traffic to your dealership and increase sales. Give us a try and see the results for yourself. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your dealership to the next level with DealersGear's Spotify advertising services.


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