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Why Market Your Dealership On Facebook?


DealersGear/Why Market Your Dealership On Facebook?

With over two billion users actively using Facebook, this platform serves its purpose as one of the most successful and worthwhile advertising platforms for car dealers. Facebook ads, particularly, are one of the most valuable tools for car dealers because Facebook’s fluctuating ad types can be used to attract potential customers during each stage of the buying process, from awareness to final decision making. 

Basic Facebook advertising methods normally suggest using a combination of Link Clicks and Post Engagement campaigns, but more straightforward methods now exist for more clear-cut targeting and increased conversions. Let’s take a look at some ways that Facebook marketing can work well for auto dealers with the use of ads.  

Slideshow Ads: Awareness


It’s no secret that videos have taken over Facebook for the past several years. In fact, Facebook sees an average of over eight billion video views daily. Video content forces the highest engagement rate across this social media platform. But what if your auto dealer doesn’t have any videos to post? There’s no need to worry. With Facebook slideshow ads, you can use any photos of your choice and make an easy, straightforward video. Simply select up to a maximum of seven photos, add audio and text, and you’re all set. Showing off your dealership’s interior and exterior, service department, and inventory is now easier and more affordable than ever.

Lead Generation Ads


Whenever you run lead generation ads for your dealership, not only will you be informing customers about what you offer but you’ll also generate more leads through highly targeted campaigns. This approach means you’ll reach more of the right sales candidates the first time around.

But that’s not the best part. What Facebook does is fill out part of the contact forms for users, so that more people will be likely to submit the form to your dealership, resulting in a bigger amount of conversions. 

Rather than recording information by hand, your team can now spend time following up with prospects and re-engaging any cold leads that have been received. 

Retargeting Ads: Reminder Messages


What is retargeting, you might ask? In Facebook advertising, it’s a plan to send “reminder messages” to customers who have visited your website but never completed any form submissions, checkout or other conversion actions.

You won’t miss out on customers who aren’t clicking and converting the first time around. Using Facebook targeting tools like the Facebook Pixel, your dealership will stay on top of it and ultimately push more conversions along the way.

A successful retargeting campaign may include the following in its ad copy:

  • 1. Call-outs for anyone who has recently browsed inventory.
  • 2. Sense of urgency, reminding customers to look at the latest and/or best offers before they end.
  • 3. Great deals for first-time customers.

Dynamic Ads: The Right Inventory For The Right Buyer

Using “Facebook Pixel”, Facebook dynamic ads automatically generate ads based on the user activity on your dealership’s website. Prospective customers will see the ads that direct them to relevant inventory pages, lead forms or any other page on which they might have shown interest. Most importantly, your customers will always be shown the vehicles that are most relevant to them. What does this mean for you? This means that you’ll see an increase in engagement.

All you’ll need to provide is a catalog with information such as pricing, location, and availability for your inventory. Facebook will use this to include that information in the ads. After the initial set up process, your work is finished. Facebook serves the right ads to the right buyers so that you can focus on selling whatever cars you need to sell. 

Your Dealership And Facebook


You have all the right methods needed to market your dealership on Facebook through ads. Most dealerships have the urge to do more online. Now is your chance to take action today so that your customers have the best car shopping experience possible! Take your dealership to the next level! 

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