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Why Using Craigslist is Important for Selling Used Cars

Why Using Craigslist is Important for Selling Used Cars

When you're searching for an approach to sell more cars, recall that Craigslist is a focused commercial center for vehicle customers and vendors.

It is a simple process for purchasers to seek through promotions & free Ads on Craigslist. For sellers, either you are an individual or a dealer, you are generally happy in the end because it allows you to share your cars that you want to sell to millions of people with different proximity options all in once place. 

3 easy steps for selling a car by advertising on craigslist


Car being washed


Ensure your vehicle is presentable before posting the ad. Merchandise and clean the interior/exterior of the car. Remove any unnecessary add-ons and if any will be left, be sure to include them in your disclaimer to buyers. 




Photos are crucial for a great ad. Pictures are worth a thousand words and each picture should have a call to action. With the DealersGear Intelligent Craigslist Posting tool, the Ads contain 17 call to actions that drives the customer to call or text the dealership. Your photos should be consistent and plain background to focus on the car. Fore more information on how to take photos of your inventory, see our How to take professional photos of your car dealership inventory blog. 



Prompt responses are required as Craigslist buyers are lower funnel and are ready to buy. Responding to craigslist leads within the first 5 minutes increases your chance of getting in touch with the customer by 83%. If customers are calling about a sold vehicle, provide alternatives and help the customer find another car in your inventory. 

We at DealersGear manage it all for you if you have a car dealership and are looking for the most innovative Craigslist posting tool.  We are here for you to manage the craigslist posting and a lot more. Contact us now.

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