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Why Using Craigslist is important for selling used Cars

Why Using Craigslist is important for selling used Cars

When you're selling a used car, you get the best deal only from an individual rather than a dealer. When you're searching for an approach to locate that one individual, recall that Craigslist is a focused commercial center for vehicle customers and vendors.

It is a simple process for purchasers to seek through promotions & free Ads on Craigslist.For sellers, either you are an individual or a dealer, you are generally happy in the end because it allows you to share your cars that you want to sell to millions of people with different proximity options and a lot many pictures.

3 easy steps for selling a car by advertising on craigslist


Ensure your vehicle is presentable before posting the ad. Get it washed, get a detailed cleaning job done on it if possible. Consider supplanting whatever may require it, for example, floor tangles, and expel anything unnecessary, for example, vehicle seats etc.


If you don't click photos of specific parts of the vehicle, people are going to assume that there's a major issue with your car. Posting and ad with one or two pictures doesn't get a response when compared with an ad with more pictures if the pictures are sufficiently bright and provide all angles of the vehicle. You spend less time for selling your car this way because people who do contact you will know exactly what the car looks like and you'll realize the calls you receive are from some genuine buyers.

Things you should capture when taking pictures of your car includes;

  • Front, back, and both sides
  • Driver’s seat area
  • Stereo, including capability like music player input, if you have it
  • Engine
  • Odometer
  • Dashboard while car is on (to show that no service lights are on)
  • Backseat
  • Trunk while open
  • Wheels and tires (showing remaining tread)
  • Spare tire and jack (if you have one)
  • Roof (if it has a roof rack, sunroof, or moon roof) and bumper (if it has a towing hitch)
  • Any extra features you paid for, like a spoiler or body kit


Try to filter out the earnest inquiries, some of which can, due to English-as-a-second langue issues, sound crackpot-y even when they are earnest. Reply promptly, answer questions honestly and send more photos if requested. This is where you should know what price you’ll accept, a location for meeting a prospective buyer and what payment process you’ll require for the transaction.

We at DealersGear manage it all for you if you have a car dealership business and take it as a hassle, we are here for you to manage the craigslist posting and a lot more. Contact us now.

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