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I have worked in the automotive industry for over eighteen years. My career started in retail automotive, selling cars at a time before dealers had computers, a CRM or even a website. I saw first hand the introduction of technology into automotive and the potential impact it had in changing our industry. This led me to spend thirteen years working for a large automotive CRM company. Over time, CRM became less useful to salespeople and it became more of a burden to managers. Everyday I was hearing dealers express their frustrations that CRM companies had gotten too outdated, too confusing and just too big. Innovation dried up, customer service disappeared and CRM became focused on profits over relationships. This led me to DealersGear, an innovative automotive technology company, where I helped create DealersGear CRM, a truly intuitive, user friendly CRM that helps salespeople and managers sell more. We built our CRM directly from dealer’s feedback and frustrations they are experiencing combined with the latest technology. DealersGear CRM will bring your dealership into the future.   

Hunter Swift

Executive Board Member

DealersGear/Hunter Swift
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