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Search Engine Marketing For Auto Dealers

Search engine Marketing OR SEM

Rising prices and decreasing ROI for third party lead providers has dealers looking for an ultimate alternative to get better quality leads. DealersGear offers a hands on for all of your marketing channels from Social media pages, such as Facebook and YouTube, to PPC campaigns.Our experts have years of automotive experience in Google Ads and Analytics to help you monitor your traffic and conversions, allowing you to allocate the appropriate spending for your specific business needs. Whether it’s retargeting or like-audience traffic, we are here to help create the right campaign to achieve the best results for your dealership.

an effective sem campaign is a must to grow your business and brand .

Search Engine Marketing is a powerful way to promote inventory specials, unique services, and much more. 


The Ad is the most important part of an effective SEM Campaign. This is what grabs the visitors attention and warrants their click. Ads have to be concise, informative, and be relevant to the keywords searched. 


Keywords strategy is an important part of an efficient SEM campaign. Consider your market, community, and the brand you want to portray and this will give you a good starting point

Landing Pages

What good is a click that comes to a poorly constructed page? You've worked hard to create an attractive ad for your keywords, now it's the easy part, give the customer a reason to convert. Your landing page should be all about conversion. 

Monitoring the SEM campaign on a daily basis is crucial to a successful SEM strategy.
With the DealersGear SEM package, you get a dedicated team that monitors and optimizes your SEM campaigns throughout the month.

So what are you waiting for? Let's sell more cars together now!
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