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Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization/SEO

“Your website is your main showroom” has been the catchphrase for some time now, and there is truth to that. In this digital era more than 88% of car shoppers are using the web to shop and research for their next vehicle. What is your strategy to be in front of these customers at the right time?

If your customers can’t find you on the web, you might as well not exist.

DealersGear's SEO program is constructed to help you not only be in front of your customers on the web, but also rank higher than your competitors on search engines.

How does it work?

  • Perform an audit on every page of your website to identify the ranking problems. There are multiple factors that affect the ranking, such as content to functionality of the website.
  • Create high quality content around the keywords you want to rank for, which builds your websites credibility and relevance within search engines.
  • We take your success very personal and utilize precise reporting and delivery to highlight the success of the campaign and areas of improvement.
So what are waiting for? Let's sell more cars together now!
  • Search engine marketing/PPC

    Rising prices and decreasing ROI for third party lead providers has dealers looking for an ultimate alternative to get better quality leads.

    DealersGear offers a hands on for all of your marketing channels from Social media pages, such as Facebook and YouTube, to PPC campaigns.

    Our experts have years of automotive experience in Google Ads and Analytics to help you monitor your traffic and conversions, allowing you to allocate the appropriate spending for your specific business needs.
    Whether it’s retargeting or like-audience traffic, we are here to help create the right campaign to achieve the best results for your dealership.

  • Facebook Lead Generation

    Exclusively offered by DealersGear for Mega stores with over than 100 used vehicles in inventory. Our Facebook lead generating campaign for general used car buyers will guarantee you ready to buy in market customers for less than $20 a lead! Yes you read it right,with our intelligent tracking code and Facebook targeting tool, you will be placed in front of your customers at the right time.

    Request a demo to see actual results from one of our current clients.

  • Facebook Specific Targeting

    Allow DealersGear VDP targeted campaigns help you sell your aging inventory. With real results and reporting, we will measure click conversions and sales for each and every unit.

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