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Search engine optimization OR SEO

“Your website is your main showroom” has been the catchphrase for some time now, and there is truth to that. In this digital era more than 88% of car shoppers are using the web to shop and research for their next vehicle. What is your strategy to be in front of these customers at the right time?

The DealersGear SEO program stands apart from all other competitors due to our extensive automotive industry knowledge. When you do your research you will find that automotive SEO is very complex due to the nature of each dealership's business. SEO is not a one size fits all, as it has to take into consideration the uniqueness of the the dealership's business as well as their customers. It's one aspect to be knowledgable with SEO practices such as long-tail or short keywords, Geotags, meta titles, meta descriptions, and what not. However, DealersGear first-hand industry knowledge of car shopper's journey and expectations is what allows our SEO program to perform at such a high level. The team here is dedicated to staying innovative and with the trends of search engine algorithms and requirements, which allows us to deliver fantastic results for our dealer partners.  

If your customers can’t find you on the web, you might as well not exist.

DealersGear's SEO program is unique and strategic in reaching each dealership's goal and market. SEO is a crucial part of the dealer's business and with our customized SEO plan, we make sure your website is there when shoppers are shopping on Google and all other search engines. 

How does it work?

  • Audit every page of your website to identify any ranking problems. There are multiple factors that affect the ranking, such as content to functionality of the website.
  • Create high quality content around the keywords you want to rank for, which builds your websites credibility and relevance within search engines.
  • Increase the the website authority. There are various ways to increase a website's authority, some of which include guest blogging on industry relevant forums, internal linking, and credit backlinks. 
  • Create page for local events, sponsorships, and all other involvements in your community that increases local SEO.  

SEO is a complex and on-going effort that should be done by professionals.

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