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The Main Reasons Why Auto Dealers Must Integrate Digital Marketing Tools In Their Business Plan!


DealersGear/The Main Reasons Why Auto Dealers Must Integrate Digital Marketing Tools In Their Business Plan!

In an ever-changing market, an endless list of vendors to choose from, and the wavering tastes of consumers, as an auto dealer how do you stay ahead of the game?

Technology has changed the way people do business, and the market offers a seemingly unlimited amount of options for both buyers and sellers. From newspaper ads and billboards to Facebook ads and personalized email marketing, the ways to reach consumers have drastically evolved.

Here are a few reasons as a dealer it would be a good idea to catch on to the digital marketing trends:


Reaching the masses:

according to there are around 230 million online shoppers in the United States and Canada, that's more than 50% of the population. People have busy lives and are constantly searching for convenient ways to shop and a smart vendor will know how to deliver this convenience to them by having strong online visibility. This is achieved by being where your customers are, and these days more than ever most of your potential clients are online, constantly comparing various dealerships in terms of services and prices in their quest to get the best deal out there.


Staying on top of the search results: 

  • with thousands of car dealerships out there, in order to be at the top of the search engines when people search online a solid SEO “Search Engine Optimization” strategy is key to be more visible as research has shown that 95% of shoppers do not go past the first page of search results. This means you will need a strong plan to make sure you are the most visible when it comes to catching your potential customers' eyes and making sure you facilitate the process for them to click on the link to your website and contact you for details on your cars and services.

Being presentable and showing transparency:

  • after you have gotten to the front line of the search engine results, what’s next? One-click and the shoppers are browsing through your main page. If you don’t catch their attention with an appealing website and a user-friendly interface, it will take them mere seconds to close that page and move on to the next. A well-designed website with clear information about the company and contact details makes visitors feel that your company is authentic and they are able to browse at ease which increases the chances of them contacting you for an inquiry.

Letting people know who you are:

as a proud dealership owner, it is crucial for you to show your customers who you are, where you are located, what cars and services you offer, and how to reach you. You must be able to provide detailed information on yourself and your company to build trust and loyalty with your customers. You must be able to provide pictures so people will become familiar with your location, and you should be able to post pictures of your cars and happy customers to catch the eyes of potential buyers.



Reaching your customers through social media:

79% of the population in the united states use one or more platforms of social media. People spend an average of 2 hours daily on social media, reading news, searching for products and connecting with each other. 60% of shoppers use their social media apps when searching for products and services to compare quality and prices. If you want to reach this growing segment, a website on its own no longer does the job. Integrating your website with various social media channels such as Facebook and Craigslist to reach your target audience is an ideal way to gain exposure which could turn into potential leads and sales for your dealership.

Reaching your target audience: 

with millions of different customers and different tastes, as a dealer you don’t want to waste your time pitching to the wrong audience. With digital marketing tools tailored to your specific needs, you can specify your targeted audience demographically and geographically to save time and money on your marketing.

Staying in touch with your clients:

the days of phone books and notepads are over. With sophisticated digital marketing tools, you are able to keep track records of all your clients as well as your interactions with them. Having this database will allow you to keep track of all your clients, leads and potential customers to target. It will also ease the process of following up and getting them back in the door when the time comes again for them to renew their vehicles. Having the right CRM in place will help you engage and communicate with your customers the right way.

The digital market has given more power to consumers than ever before. With access to information from almost anywhere in the world, with a simple phone and internet connection, shoppers have access to millions of vendors from the comfort of their homes. This means that people can search for any car they want wherever they are and you most certainly want to be a part of this evolving technology. A dealership owner making the decision to keep up with the constantly evolving digital marketing tools available could very much make or break your business.

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