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What to look for when hiring a marketing agency for your dealership?


DealersGear/What to look for when hiring a marketing agency for your dealership?

Hiring a marketing agency is a very crucial decision for building a constructive image of your auto dealership website. It is especially of critical value, if you have built a platform that would offer exclusive features for other dealerships, as they will be building an image for not only your website/platform but will also be building online presence for them by running social media campaigns for them. The agency or the team that you choose for your business is going to strengthen and promote your brand online, so it is very important that you evaluate the following aspects while selecting them for this job.

Agency’s achievements

The Marketing agency should discuss in detail the structured techniques and strategies that will be implemented in order to build organic traffic and ranking on the dealership website. It is very essential that you are aware of all the key points or practices and procedures that they will be using. When it comes to showing analytics and statistics about any given website/platform, you need to enquire about what kind of content they are generating, what kind of link building they will be using and how they will further enhance your website and what is their reporting mechanism. All these are significant things and you need to have sufficient knowledge so that you can monitor them to check if they will not use any spammed practices because otherwise, as a result of any illegal means they use to promote the website, it will actually destroy your site.

Direct Coordination with Agency

Before you sign any agreements with a marketing agency, make sure that they are available at any time and you have direct coordination with them so in case of an emergency, they can respond to any queries, concerns or are available for discussion about your website’s campaign and strategies.

Agency’s previous work and case studies

A virtuous agency should have previous, if not more, some samples of different companies who they have assisted to enhance organic traffic, rankings and most importantly, feature leads or conversions on their websites. If any marketing Agency can’t show you samples or examples of their previous work and the outcomes they have done for a company, this is definitely not the kind of an agency you are looking at for your dealership business.

How does your Agency Evaluate and Present Results

Ensure that you and your agency have discussed about how they evaluate and present the results. Either if it is working or not, measurable metrics including the website’s organic traffic, rankings and qualified internet leads matters to the dealers and hence it should matter to you as well.


You should receive a monthly report from the agency with all the detailed information including rising and fall in rankings, as well as an analytical report containing conversion numbers and traffic. Moreover, they will be responsible of reporting the work for what they have done within the last month as well as some insight on the next phases for what they are planning to apply next, and for any modifications they are going to apply. Besides reporting and results, it’s very important that your agency is fully enthusiastic to answer your queries.

Expectations regarding the results

First of all, it is a key element that SEO takes time and we cannot see the results overnight, so don’t plunge for any guarantees. Usually, a good marketing agency should be capable to deliver the outcomes of any site starting from third month on-wards. So, it is integral for you to make sure that you pick the right Agency for your dealership business. There is strong communication between you and your agency about what is expected and you and your agency need to be on the same page so that you understand the exact requirement coming from the dealerships.

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