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How to Create a Google My Business Link for Google Reviews


DealersGear/How to Create a Google My Business Link for Google Reviews

When a customer is considering to do business with your dealership, one of the first things they might do is search your dealership on Google, to see your Google My Business profile and look at your reviews. Having good reviews is important and instead of just asking for reviews, you can send happy customers a link that takes them directly to your review section on Google My Business. Having this link is very important but its often difficult for some to create this link.

Here is the easiest way to create a link to send to someone to leave a review on Google My Business:

  • Visit Google Place ID.
  • In the ‘Enter a location‘ field write your dealership name.
  • Click on your dealership name that appears in the drop-down list.
  • Your Place ID will appear in the popover and you will just need to copy it.
  • And paste this ID number at the end of this link (after the = sign)


Here is the result:

You can also create a button to make this link a call to action on your website, or generate a badge of your Google reviews and display it on your website:


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