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How Long Does It Take To Get Results From Internet Marketing?


DealersGear/How Long Does It Take To Get Results From Internet Marketing?

When we say internet marketing works, it’s because we know it works. Marketing by nature relies on ongoing analysis and measurable goals. In a world where ‘instant’ thrives, it’s hard not to want to get immediate results for whatever action you take. You’ve published a blog and you expect instant feedback. You expect your social media campaign and car dealership marketing strategies to produce a result immediately. You want to drive in traffic, get leads and increase sales all in an INSTANT.

Where You Start

You have a reputation with Google, and depending on what that reputation is, it can take a long time to build or rebuild your trust and credibility.


How long you’ll see auto dealer digital marketing results will depend on your budget. Do you have a part of your dollars allocated to paid ads? Are you willing to pay to boost or promote your content?

Digital Marketing Activities

Your digital marketing activity also contributes to how quick results begin to show.

Content Marketing

You have great content, keywords are on point and goals well defined. But, it’s hard to see immediate results. When it comes to content marketing, it could take about six months before the results of car dealership marketing strategies begin to show.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Wouldn’t it be lovely to see your site ranked #1 on Google? That’s the main aim of SEO after all, isn’t it? For Search Engine Optimization, seeing results could take up to four or six months. It’s worth mentioning that SEO is never a onetime deal. It’s an ongoing process.

Social Media

If there’s one area of auto dealer digital marketing that takes time, it is social media. it's a lot easy to see results such as an increase in followers, likes, and shares. But when it comes to Return on Investment (ROI), it takes more time.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is often considered the fastest car dealership marketing strategies to get results and increase sales. But, PPC results will depend on your budget and goals. PPC increases website traffic, brand awareness, sales and profitability at a fast pace. But it could take six months before you see optimal results. If you research your PPC keywords well, you can see results from your PPC campaigns immediately.

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