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Understanding The Key Micro-Moments Of Car Shopping


DealersGear/Understanding The Key Micro-Moments Of Car Shopping

The way we as consumers shop for anything from clothes to cars has changed drastically. Consumers value time more than anything and researching and shopping for a car is no different. Google has identified 5 key moments that affect the customer's decision

 Is your dealership online strategy inclusive to be present throughout these moments for your customers?

Which car is best moment

Consumers get inspired at different moments, whether it be seeing a car drive by on the road or someone close to them purchase a new car. At this stage, the consumer is mainly interested in which options are best for their preference. As mentioned, time is very valued, therefore consumers turn to videos to consume as much data as possible in a short amount of time. According to a study done by TNS Media, 69% of people who use YouTube are influenced by it-more than TV, newspapers, or magazines. 

Find out how DealersGear is introducing dealers to prospect consumers even at this early stage!

Is it right for me moment

At this point, the consumer starts to consider their lifestyle needs and if the car of their choice fits those needs. Many hours are spent on review sites and videos again, looking at test drives, featured highlights, options, and walkthroughs. 

Be sure you are present at this stage to your consumer with the right tactics to build your dealership brand presence. 

Can I afford it moment

This is the reality check stage, where the consumer begins to assess their budget. Consumers will spend the majority of time between this and last moment, going back and forth until they find the perfect car for their budget and lifestyle. 

Helpful articles of prices, MSRP, financing options, are a great way to be in front of customers at this stage. 

Where should I buy it moment

Finding a dealership for customers to purchase their next car is a very involved process of reading online reviews, asking close friends, and referrals. Your online reputation is crucial so that when a customer searches for “Dealership near me” and your dealership comes up, you give them a reason to call or stop by. 

The DealersGear online reputation management provides useful tactics and ways for your store to get more reviews and convey your stellar customer service to potential customers.  

Am I getting a deal moment

The research doesn’t stop even when the customer is at your lot. At this stage, it is imperative to drive the value of your product and services to the customer. Be transparent and helpful in helping the customer to make a good decision. Referral and returning business starts at this point, so be sure you have the correct processes in place.

The car shopping journey is a complex one and the second biggest investment for many. Consumers can spend anywhere between 10 to 45 days going through their research prior to purchase. 

It is in the dealership’s best interest to implement strategies that puts your name and brand at the customer’s fingertips throughout their shopping journey. 

DealersGear, with our in-depth industry knowledge, are incrementing traffic for our dealer partners utilizing the correct strategies and plan of action. 

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