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4 Incredible Approaches For Automotive SEO


DealersGear/4 Incredible Approaches For Automotive SEO

After working as an automotive marketing agency, we've noticed some interesting trends. Even though traditional advertising channels continue to exist in this online age, digital marketing is rapidly expanding as brands recognize the ease with which they can reach their target audience. Car dealerships can no longer rely solely on 30-second TV commercials, 60-second radio, and weekend print ads. 

Car dealerships must understand and utilize the digital landscape as consumer shopping habits evolve and more people turn to the Internet. Digital marketing encompasses more than just display advertising and SEM (search engine marketing); it also includes SEO (search engine optimization), user-friendly UI (web design), online reputation management, and review tracking. It will help if you use a proper automotive SEO company to attract more customers to your website.

What Is Automotive SEO?

Automotive SEO is an online marketing strategy that assists in increasing the visibility of car dealership websites on search engines. On-page optimizations, local SEO initiatives, structured data usage, and other factors are all part of automotive SEO.

Since it provides a clear and measurable advantage over the competition, SEO for auto dealers is critical to your car dealership's digital marketing strategy. Click here and see how it helped a giant auto dealer to help them reach new levels of success. 

While you could buy more and more air time and ad space than other car dealers, all you're doing is reaching out to the general public in the hopes of finding people in the market for a car. We've all heard how people feel about traditional advertising and how easy it is to skip.

Local car dealerships must invest in automotive SEO services for the following reasons:

  • When looking to buy a car, buyers spend an average of 12 hours searching the Internet. Going online is still the most popular place to look for new vehicles.
  • Before becoming a qualified lead, car buyers visit approximately ten dealership websites.

Why Is It Necessary To Employ Automotive SEO For Your Dealership?

It is critical for your dealership to invest in SEO. Your website is essential to providing customers with the information they require to choose your dealership over hundreds of others. You include information about the vehicles you sell, the services you provide, pricing, locations, and dozens of other details that buyers must know. Once they arrive at your website, your job is simple: persuade them that your dealership is the best fit for their car-buying experience, parts or accessories purchase, or vehicle maintenance and repair service.

But what if they never find their way to your website? All of this information is meaningless unless and until it reaches potential buyers. Advanced Automotive SEO tactics allow you to get customers consistently, enabling you to do your job well and generate more sales. Customers can use search engines to find numerous car dealerships during their purchasing journey. 

However, search engines are complicated. While they allow your business to be known to customers, they also allow every other dealership to do the same. Optimizing your website for search algorithms allows your company to stand out to search engines, allowing customers to find the dealership they deserve. Moreover, spend on a custom website to see better results. 

SEO Varies Frequently

Unfortunately, investing in SEO once does not guarantee that you will be set for life. Since advanced SEO tactics are constantly changing, you must alter your strategies regularly. Strategists continue to refine how you can optimize your content as they analyze the many variables in SEO. This can range from analyzing user intent to adjusting to varying search engine algorithms.

Our automotive CRM solutions can help you to develop SEO strategies that will best serve your dealership during constant changes. We use advanced technology and analysis to drive more customers to your website, allowing you to focus on communicating the benefits of your dealership.

As you invest in SEO for your dealership, it is critical to understand which tactics must be abandoned and what new options exist for optimizing your website for evolving search engine algorithms.

SEO Strategies To Maintain Your Successful Dealership

Many more advanced SEO strategies have emerged in recent times. Search engines have been improved to recognize how much time people spend on websites, the quality and usefulness of the content, and the frequency with which it is updated. When it comes down to it, it is increasingly important to prioritize quality over quantity.

Go For Quality, Not Quantity

In early attempts to improve SEO, many website builders prioritized quantity over quality in terms of keywords, links, and content. Search engines were not yet advanced enough to consider quality, so these tactics were used to ensure that websites appeared more consistently in search engine algorithms. 

However, algorithms have recently been developed to see past excessive keywords and links and use other methods to rate websites. Too many keywords or links may be flagged as spam, of poor quality, or no use to customers.

The good news is that it is becoming easier to prioritize content quality without jeopardizing SEO. Search engines recognize good copy, helpful information, and consistency so that you can prioritize quality over quantity on your website.

Creative Content

Creating unique content for your website regularly is an excellent way to optimize it. Regular content updates are a sign of a thriving and growing business by website visitors and search engines. Creating new content allows you to prioritize your website visitors by keeping them engaged while providing further information for search engines to recognize. Moreover, having a social media presence can also help a lot, as you can advertise your website through social handles as well. 

New content communicates to customers that your company has a lot to offer, making them want to return for more. Remember that quality is still more important than quantity, but regularly creating consistent and creative content will help you build your SEO.

Prioritize User Intent

While exact-match keywords are no longer beneficial for SEO, keyword research is still essential for determining user intent. The ability of search engines to determine the intent behind specific keywords employed by users to search has drastically altered the purpose of keywords in SEO. Users may use the exact keywords for multiple purposes. 

Consider the keywords "happy dogs" as an example. This search's user intent could range from wanting to see cute dog photos to finding the right website to learning about animal cruelty. If your website is about one of these topics, it is critical to use keywords that address user intent rather than the exact keywords that users may use.

Choose Links Wisely

Although overusing links is not an excellent way to boost SEO, carefully selecting internal and external links can be beneficial. Internal links that lead to another page on the same website make it easier for users to navigate your website and find the information they require.

This increases the amount of time they spend on your website and their comfort in returning to it multiple times, both of which are good for SEO. External links, which take users to another website, are extremely useful for search engines to recognize. On the other hand, external links must be relevant to your users, lead to a trustworthy website, and be related to your content. Otherwise, they may be flagged as untrustworthy links for the sole purpose of SEO, which is not what you want.

Conclusive Thoughts

DealersGear's automotive CRM systems are unlike any other marketing firm that provides automotive search engine optimization services. We are car enthusiasts with over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. 

We have a team of top-tier search engine optimization experts to develop the world's best automotive dealership-proven software. Moreover, our experts can also help you get a marketing dashboard, GMB management, and much more. 

We are excited to assist your dealership in succeeding by optimizing your website for search engine algorithms. 

So, contact DealersGear today for automotive SEO services. You can also schedule a free demo to find out how all of this works! 

For any queries, reach out to us on 949-923-0190, or email us at Our reps will get back to you as soon as possible. You can even visit our office, which is situated at 2091 Business Center Dr UNIT 120, Irvine, CA 92612, United States. Get timely updates from our social media handles, which include Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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